Tuesday, February 22, 2011

It's (probably) a boy!

Everything continues to go well for the most part. I'll be 15 weeks exactly tomorrow and I'm definitely starting to look it. I took advantage of the President's Day sales this past weekend and purchased a bunch of maternity clothes as my regular clothes are starting to get tight. I was a bit nervous buying clothes without knowing for sure that everything was still okay!

I'm also doing great in the weight department. I'm still down 1 pound from my pre-pregnancy weight, which is perfect since I'm only supposed to gain 15 - 20 pounds total. I think this week's return of morning sickness has helped. Now please go away already as I'm really sick of saltines for breakfast.

I had a little more brown spotting this past weekend, but it seems to have stopped. Dr. P. didn't see any obvious cause for it. The SCH seems to be gone now as well! So, there's no reason I can't go to Seattle this weekend. Yay!

Here are today's stats:
Crown to Rump Length: 9.25 cm
Fruit size comparison: Navel Orange
Heart Rate: 158 bmp
Gender: Boy (80% accuracy)
Food Cravings: Sushi, especially albacore tuna sushi (mmmm...)
Food Aversions: Chicken and eggs and gingerbread cookies (?!)

Pictures are pretty blurry, unfortunately.

Alien Brain!

I'm finally starting to relax and enjoy this pregnancy now that everything continues to look normal. I didn't get nearly as anxious before the ultrasound today as I have in the past (and my blood pressure was the lowest it's every been at that office). I still get a slight ripple of fear at the beginning of the ultrasound while we wait to see if it's moving and has a heartbeat...

I go back next tuesday for the second trimester screening test that checks for spina bifada and downs. We should get both those results and Chad's genetic testing results around the end of next week. Crossing my fingers those come back okay!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

First trimester screening results

I spoke to Lynn, the very nice nurse at my OB's office today. As we pretty much expected, the results from my first trimester screening blood test are good as everything came back normal. So, my preliminary risk for trisomies is the following:

Down Syndrome - 1:340
Trisomy 18 - 1:17,000

The DS cutoff for being considered at high risk is 1:100, and my age-related risk was 1:300. Once I have the second trimester screening in two weeks, we will have the final risk assessment numbers and be able to decide whether or not we want to do an amnio.

In other news, everything is going fine. My belly is definitely pooching out more and I had to go up a notch on my belt. I still think I look like I ate too many doughnuts though as all of the growth is below my belly button. I'm still having spotting from time to time and lately it has turned pink after going #2, so I was told to take Colace and continue limiting my activity. I've been chowing down on prunes and dried apricots with little effect. It's very weird for me to actually be constipated -- I don't think that's happened since before I was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis 16 years ago.

I will be officially in the second trimester after Saturday. Crazy!

Friday, February 4, 2011

12 weeks, 2 days: NT scan

This week I am officially in the second trimester if you go by development. At this point, all of the major organs are formed and just have to grow and mature. I'll be in the second trimester by gestation in another week and a few days.

We visited my OB for genetic counseling and the Nuchal Translucency scan. We met with the geneticist first to go over all of the possible conditions we could have passed on to our baby and determine what tests we want to do. Luckily neither of us is aware of any genetic issues within our families, and our ancestors come from different parts of the world, so that should lower our risk some. In going over my labs from PRC, we learned that I've already been tested for being a carrier of Cystic Fibrosis (negative) and had sufficient chromosome testing to rule out 90% of chromosome issues. We decided to just test me for Fragile X at the moment since that can cause high FSH.

Chad hasn't had any testing done yet, so in light of our history of recurrent pregnancy loss, we were advised to do chromosome testing on him since it could offer another explanation for all of the losses if something is detected.

After meeting with the geneticist, we moved to the ultrasound room for the NT scan. I was super anxious about this test since an abnormal results frequently points to birth defects... I tossed and turned all night last night and was really nauseous all morning. I hope someday I'll be able to accept that everything really is okay and I don't need to be nervous before ultrasounds... :-/

Anyway, all the worrying was for naught as the baby appears to be totally normal! First, Dr. P. showed us the baby's head and pointed out that the nasal bone is, indeed, present. Next, she checked the heartbeat, which was at 160 bpm. Then she got a couple of shots of the back of the neck where the pocket of nuchal fluid is located. That measured 1.35mm, which is great! Anything under 3mm is normal. It was a bit difficult to get a clear picture of the baby as a whole since I have a fibroid in the way and my uterus is tilted towards the back, Eventually, she switched to a transvaginal probe to look for the SCH. It's still hanging around, but down to 1.5cm from around 2.5cm last week.

Pictures are pretty fuzzy this week. It looked way cuter in person!

We asked if she could tell anything about the gender this week. Of course the little guy was being shy and had its umbilical cord hiding the goods! One shot might have looked like a penis, but it could just have easily been the umbilicus. The baby was sleeping initially, so Dr. P. knocked on my belly a bunch of times to wake it up! Pretty funny since after that it started moving all around (but not enough to move the umbilical cord out of the way). Maybe we'll have better luck at my next appointment in 2 weeks.

We should get the bloodwork results back in 1 - 2 weeks. At that point we will also get a risk assessment for the likelihood of Down's and Trisomy 18. At the moment, our thinking is that if the risk is around the same as the risk for miscarriage from an amnio (around 1:300), then we will go ahead and plan to do an amnio. My age related risk is around the same, so we'll see how much that changes based on today's tests.

In other news, since my SCH is shrinking, Dr. P. said most likely I'll be able to fly to Seattle in a few weeks!