Friday, December 7, 2012


I've been holding off on updating about my pregnancy since it's remained abnormal and frustrating. Over the last couple of weeks, my beta hcg number has been steadily rising, albeit in an extremely slow, non-viable manner. We have been very concerned that this is an ectopic pregnancy, which could cause me to need emergency surgery and lose a tube, or even be life threatening if not treated in time.

This morning I had an ultrasound to look for the pregnancy location and see if I have any blood in my abdomen. The good news is that everything looks normal and there don't appear to be any pools of blood. The bad news is that we're still not sure where the pregnancy is located. We saw an extremely tiny dark circle in my uterus that might be a sac, but it could also be a pseudosac or other anomaly that can present with ectopics. Dr. A said that right now he's not concerned about the possibility of an impending rupture at least. 

The plan now is to wait another week. Next friday we will check my beta levels as well as run a full blood panel including organ function. If my hcg is still rising and I'm otherwise healthy, then they will administer methotrexate to terminate. Hopefully I'll be over the worst of it by the holidays and we start another IUI in January.

I don't look silly at all!
In Eli news, he is now 16 months and is doing great as usual. We are sad to say that we will be moving him to a new daycare in the new year. While we love our current provider, Bethy, she is located by our old house. So, our commute to work is now 40 - 45 minutes instead of the 10 - 12 it would be if we could drop Eli off somewhere closer to the new house. Fortunately we were able to find Shirley's daycare, which seems wonderful and is located in our new neighborhood. Eli will be the youngest of 12 children at the daycare, but there are lots of toys, a nice big backyard with play equipment, and lots of books. Shirley runs it as a preschool and the day is fairly structured for the older children. Eli will be able to partake in the activities as much or as little as he wants. The biggest transition will be napping. Currently he still sometimes takes a morning nap. At the new daycare they only take one afternoon nap. We think he will adapt pretty quickly to this though as he skips his morning nap most of the time lately.

We took him to a salon for his first haircut last weekend. I was sad to say goodbye to his beautiful curls, but Chad felt like he was looking too feminine. He certainly looks like a little boy now!

What are they doing to me?!
Handsome boy!