Friday, September 27, 2013

23 Weeks - Viability!

I will be 23 weeks on Sunday which is considered the point of viability. If baby was born next week he'd have a chance of survival (although also a lot of health issues). Fortunately the likelihood of such an early delivery is very low. However there is about a 30% chance of my water breaking early due to the bleeding I had. Hopefully I'll make it to 37 weeks at which point he'll be full term. I asked about induction dates today at my appointment and Dr. P. said her hunch is that he will be early, but we will try to get to January 5th. After that she will deliver him for any reason.

Everything looked really good today! Baby grew a lot more than he has been and isn't showing signs of severe growth restriction at this point. My fluid levels are also good and much better than we expected at this point. Dr. P. said the only explanation she can think of is that the prednisone is really making a difference. She said typically by the time women who would benefit from it get it, the baby is already so growth restricted and the fluid is so low that it doesn't make much of a difference. But since I started it pretty early, it's had time to reverse that trend. So I guess the bad UC flare has a silver lining afterall. I've started tapering off the pred since my flare finally resolved, so we will watch over the next few weeks to see if maybe I should stay on it longer to support the pregnancy.

Gestational Age: 22weeks 5 days
Weight: 1lb1 oz (28%)
Heartrate: 153bmp
My weight: +6lbs

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